Sussex fluff super over!!!

In a minor miracle yesterday Sussex managed to take the Eagles to a super over having defended the pathetic target of 119!

Mr Cool Rory Hamilton-Brown (so good they named him twice) bowled like a trooper to set up a cracking last 6 from Arafat who only narrowly missed out on winning the game with amazing consistency.

At this point my dad came in (big sussex man) and he happily sat down to see the final exciting moments! Yas bowled another great over restricting the eagles to 9…. easy, easy. All Wright and Smith had to do was hit 2 fours and they were home.

Instead, in the greatest sporting anti-climax in history, smith comes out and gives the first straight ball the haymaker, misses and gets cleaned bowled. On comes Rory Hamilton-Brown to save the day or at least get Wright on strike.

Instead he opts to copy Smith but with a little more finesse and gets bowled too! My dad, who’s just sat down with his tea mumbles something about 20/20 being stupid and we switch onto the one show… Sigh!

The only consolation was being able to watch cricket on Eurosport…. amazing!

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