Special Guest Columists

The Leading Edge is, well, clearly, a leading voice in that sport we love to call ‘cricket’.  For this reason, we often approach high profile figures from the sport to offer their opinions on this very esteemed blog.  We’re very lucky that they almost always agree.  Some past and up-and-coming ‘Special Guest Columnists’ include:

Duncan Fletcher’s Guardian B-sides

Duncan Fletcher is the former coach of the England cricket team, who also writes for the Guardian. This column is a selection of his articles that, sadly, were not deemed publishable quality by The Guardian.

Check out ‘Duncan Fletcher’s Guardian B-sides’ by clicking here.

swannGraeme Swann – ‘Swann Song: Graeme Logs In’

After the success of his hilarious twittering, it was only a matter of time before the move to blogging was made – thankfully The Leading Edge was here to offer our services as it were.  Yes!

With tales from the dressing room and, of course, ‘Jimmy’ this is one column never to be missed!

Check out ‘Swann Song’ by clicking here.

bellIan Bell – Ian Ronald Bell MBE’s Tour Diary

Legend, facilitator of nice batting shots, the best silly point fielder of all time.  Words alone cannot describe the quiet and poetic genius of our Ronald Bell.  Yet, here, in an exclusive to The Leading Edge, you can follow Bell’s ups-and-downs on the international and county circuit.  Be prepared: you will be blown away.

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