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Shane Warne’s Legspinning masterclass – Highlights

Hold the ball like this I guess?

Hold the ball like this I guess?

Some of the most exciting, exhilirating televised sport involving Englishmen and Ozzies is on today.  No, no, no, not ‘the Ashes, but ‘Shane Warne’s bowling masterclass’, LIVE during the lunch break.  Oh boy!  Shane Warne, the Sheikh of Tweak, the, er, best wrist-spinner of all time, the American Pie-loving beach bum, is going to be giving a leg-spinning masterclass to two young English legspinners, Max Waller and Will Beer, both of whom played Twenty20 Finals Day.  The Leading Edge is offering LIVE blogging for this momentous occasion (blogging the actual game is so cricinfo).

The anticipation is utterly murdering me, and it’s made that little bit sweeter because of the participation of Sussex’s own Will Beer, who, of course, is an amazing prospect.  More importantly, will the mystique of leg spin finally be unravelled, live on TV?  Hey, it could happen…

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‘Shermanator’, the jokes on them

It is impossible to not think of Ian Bell now without remembering the nickname that Shane Warne gave him in 2005, “The Shermanator”. This obscure reference to the American Pie movie had the likes of Brearly, Selvey and Atherton baffled. So they went away and promptly did their research and before we knew it Atherton was telling us that,

“Although ‘the Shermanator’ is seen as something of a loser, the Aussies should remember that, eventually, he gets the girl.”

The Leading Edge could not help but be upset by the fact that Athers had been reduced to such degrading references. The worst thing to happen to the ginger lancastrian since Sky asked him to introduce ‘Willow and Stumpy’. Maybe we are stereoptyping, but we always thought Athers was more of a Telegraph and Radio 4 man.

Surely more comical is the fact that the entire Australian team, most of them over 30 in 2005, all got together to watch a film aimed at teenagers then continued to teeter about its various quips the next day like schoolboys in the playground.

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