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ICC to give Broad gender test

In the face of an emerging trend of gender testing of athletes, the cricketing world was rocked today as it emerged that Stuart Broad is to undergo a gender test after an increasing atmosphere of rumour and suspicion built up around the young quick.

Is that stubble?

Is that stubble?

Our ICC source told the leading edge that ‘it is has come to the attention of the ICC that Stuart Broad’s gender has come into question. Our suspicions were raised after it was noted he has longish blond hair and tends to argue with umpires when he doesn’t get his way.’

Questions have been raised with regards to the ICC’s handling of this scandal and the damage it may do to young Broad who has come to view himself as male.

Male rights groups have protested that the accusations are sexist being based purely on Broad’s slightly effeminate appearance. The saga continues.

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