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The Leading Edge grew inauspiciously out of the ashes of perhaps the greatest ever student house, and, er, the Ashes.  Perhaps the only house to be equipped with Sky Sports, a 40 inch TV and 3 fanatical foaming cricket followers (and two not-so-keeners) whose level of “banter” (shudder) never fell below exceptional standards, even when Ramnaresh Sarwan pillaged 291 on a pitch that even J. P. Fraser got have comfortably got a two-figure score.  The dream however was shattered – suddenly we were graduates and separated by a horrific 70 miles of south east British land.  With the Ashes fast approaching, and an average of 473 text messages on Ian Bell’s hairstyle flying between us each day, a ‘blog’ seemed like the most appropriate way to carry on the spirit of our student days.

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